Ssese Island Food Gardens

Improving the food situation through local agriculture

An ecologically sustainable agricultural project for food security and improved living conditions for the inhabitants of the Ssese Islands

Together with our partner organization Bbanga Projects, we want to sustainably improve the food situation of the population in Lake Victoria. Through school and community gardens, a seed bank and a constant exchange of knowledge, food production is to be ensured in the long term.

Current challenges

Climate change is an increasing threat to the livelihoods of people on the islands of Lake Victoria. A large part of the population depends on the lake’s resources for food and income. However, the impending collapse of fish stocks and the remoteness from the mainland are increasingly jeopardizing the food situation. It is therefore important to reduce dependence on fishing and imported food and to enable food security through water-saving and ecological cultivation methods of climate-resistant plants.

Our package of measures

As a first step, a model garden has already been established on Bugala Island, on land belonging to Bugoma Primary School. The seed bank for the preservation and exchange of indigenous seeds is to be established here in future. In addition, local fruit and vegetable varieties are being grown in nine smaller school gardens together with teachers, pupils and parents. “Reading corners” in the partner schools and regular workshops for teachers, parents and pupils are intended to contribute to the exchange of knowledge in the field of sustainable agriculture.

Our local partner organization

Bbanga Project has been successfully campaigning for better living conditions on the Ssese Islands for years. Like Stream of Life, our partner association also works closely with the local population, is well networked and is valued by the local people. Together, we are building a solid foundation for positive change processes and helping people to help themselves.

Community & workshops

As part of the project, we also want to win over the parents of the students and thus the entire community for the food gardens. The close cooperation with the local population and the exchange of knowledge through workshops and training sessions should facilitate the transition from fishing to agriculture and secure the livelihoods of families in the long term.

“To give our children a secure future worth living, we urgently need to invest in comprehensive climate protection measures in addition to education, medical care and nutrition.”

Marco Villard | Deputy chairwoman Stream of Life


In order to initiate further climate protection measures on the Ssese Islands, such as additional school gardens, workshops and training courses on agriculture and environmental protection, we are looking for generous donors.

Every project sponsorship contributes to a better, more sustainable future for the families of the Ssese Islands. Please support us!