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Stream of Life is an organization that is dedicated to supporting underprivileged, disabled and orphaned children in Uganda.​

Our focus is to initiate sustainable change processes and to positively change the lives of children through sound education, healthy nutrition, adequate medical care and loving support. In the long term we strive to change the socio-economic environment by building schools, training centers, orphanages, day cares and clinics.
We always are looking to bring an economic upswing in the areas our projects are based. Our philosophy has always been to help people to help themselves. We achieve this goal by working with local partners in Uganda, who lead on site projects independently and generate local solutions for local problems.​

Our Vision

Our vision is to give hope to needy people in Uganda by investing sustainably in their environment, their education and their know-how. We refuse to simply donate money, buy food or build schools: The sustainable transfer of knowledge is an integral part of our initiative.

We also want to teach people how to successfully manage their own projects or small businesses and how to take care of their own well-being. In the long run, Uganda can thrive on the initiatives of its citizens and positive change can be ignited. And maybe, just maybe through this commitment we can make this world a better place.

Our Goal

Following the spirit of helping them to help themselves, Stream of Life only supports partners and projects that stand financially on their own after completion. In addition to financial support, the transfer of organizational and management know-how in is our credo. This means a lot of work and daily coordination, but that is where our skills, experience and empathy come in handy.

Our work focuses primarily on helping needy children in Uganda, who often are abandoned or orphaned. We supply education, healthy nutrition, medical care and sustainable safe housing.


Our focus:
Schools, nutrition, medical care, sustainability and improved living.

Monika Koczi | Founder Stream of Life


Monika Koczi

Monika Koczi

Chairwoman and founder of the association; responsible for overall coordination, fundraising and use of donations

”I never wanted to only donate money, it was always my approach to make it personal. It was never the big NGOs and their large organizations that appealed to me – I wanted to create change as a pioneer and on my own terms. There is no better feeling than putting a smile on a child’s face.”

In her professional life Monica is the managing director of Nexxys GmbH.

Marco Villard

Marco Villard

Deputy chairwoman; responsible for marketing, PR & public relations

“What the people of Africa really need are relief efforts on the ground. Only by helping people help themselves can the local communities have opportunities to break the cycle of poverty.”

Marco is a global citizen, artist, as well as the creative head and CEO of  Nexxys. His talents and diverse contacts benefit us in the fields of marketing and fundraising.

Katharina Artner

Katharina Artner

Sponsorship Manager; responsible for sponsorships

“What goes around comes around – that has always been my motto in my life! However, Stream of Life goes far beyond giving, and I can experience first-hand how incredibly great it feels when you actually can make a difference.”

Katharina is the main person responsible for the Sponsorshipprogramms and part of our social-media-team. 

Stephanie Langer

Stephanie Langer

Treasurer; responsible for project execution

“Guiding these children through education and training to be responsible for their future while still retaining a sense of childhood seems to me to be our great responsibility. Our help is personalized and the laughing children are proof that it works.”

Stephanie is a professional photographer ( and entrepreneur and supports us in the implementation of projects and also with photos and texts.

Karin Jäger

Karin Jäger

Secretary; responsible for project execution

“It would mean a lot to me if we managed to get the concerns of the people of Uganda heard, to give them the best possible support and therefore minimize the imbalance in the world. The more people, which are passionate about Stream of Life projects, the more we can move together!”

Karin supports us with fundraising activities and in the implementation of projects.



Our vision is to give hope to the country and people of Uganda and to invest sustainably in the environment, education, empowerment, and know-how. Our guiding principle is to help people to help themselves and to give the local population a voice. Our ambassadors enable the association to generate attention for our projects and campaigns through their commitment. Through their tireless commitment, they make a significant contribution to the further development of the association.

We are extremely grateful to be able to share this vision with our supporters from the fields of business, film, television, art, and culture. We are pleased to be able to introduce those people who set a good example and dedicate their commitment to the Stream of Life association.


Support Stream of Life!

For ongoing and future projects, we depend on your support. You can help us with a one-time donation or with a monthly child-sponsorship. Every bit helps and thus supports a child or project in Uganda. Let’s not talk, let’s act!