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A successful help for self-help

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Supported by Stream of Life
through microcredit and donations

Attractive tours to the beauties of Uganda

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Supporting local businesses, helping people to help themselves – these are also the goals of Stream of Life. John Banura wants to establish himself as a Safari Tour Guide. We are his business angel.

John has completed training in tourism and travel management in Kampala.
His goal is to build a name as a tour guide and to secure a lasting income for his family. Since 2017 he also works as
coordinator, driver, and agent for Stream of Life.

Tour Guide in Uganda

John has been busy completing tours and arranging tours, making new sales contacts with overseas and domestic travel and safari operators, and building the necessary facilities since completing his tourism education. He now has an office and an adequately equipped SUV for tourist and safari requirements. And, most importantly for his customers, an appealing and varied tour program visiting the natural beauties of Africa, not to mention the famous gorillas.

Our goal: Help for self-help

With the support of Stream of Life, John can realize his professional goals. He financed the training through his work for relief organizations. Through donations and microcredit, Stream of Life supports his business with basic equipment needs and supports him personally with entrepreneurial and organizational answers to his questions. The project “Banura Safaris” is only a first step. Help for self-help / self-preservation will result in the education of his two children and have a positive effect on the future for John. He may be able to take on another employee, thus creating jobs.

Marketing advice, equipment

John also has ongoing contacts with Stream of Life for topics related to his marketing and media presence. A professional logo and website as well as an internet presence are milestones on the way to becoming a successful company.

Inspire first successes

The first satisfied safari customers have encouraged John in the pursuit of his plans. He is constantly working on improving and diversifying his tours, considering routes, and evaluating lodges and hotels. In addition, he can now make some investments himself. His success proves us right. 

Strengthening the local economy, sometimes just with the right contacts and tips, or with microcredits,
means enabling a dignified existence for people.