Banura Safaris

How to start a business in Uganda.

Banura Safaris

How to start a business in Uganda.

Banura Safaris

How to start a business in Uganda.

Helping local companies, helping people help themselves. This is also the goal of Stream of Life. John Banura had an idea, we were there to help. 

John had completed a certificate in travel and tourism management after training in Kampala. Since 2011 he worked for an Austrian aid organization as a coordinator, driver and agent. He also fulfills these tasks  to the utmost satisfaction of Stream of Life. 

A personal note from Sabine Kickinger | Project leader Stream of Life

Tour guide in Uganda

Since 2016, he has worked to establish himself as a tour guide (planning execution and also hotel reservations ) for Kampala as well as for other touristically interesting areas.   

Through his trustworthy personality, he supports us very well in our “Afrinena” project, does various necessary work for us on site with the children in the orphanage and brings (after consultation) one or the other interested parties to the Afrinena-house to work for or promote the children’s choir and to receive any donations. 

Entrepreneurship: Risk and Opportunity 

During our visit in July 2018 I had a lot of conversations with John about how to start “a successful and sustainable business in tourism” and above all pointed out the absolutely necessary details in dealing with (European) tourists. We also put together exciting excursion packages and visited several online portals for tour guiding. From there, customers will be acquired independently in the future. 

The first registration at ToursByLocals was done together on site. At the moment we wait for the confirmation of acceptance.  

Marketing Advice and Equipment

Establishment of the “Banura Safaris Uganda” Facebook page and initial equipment with offers and photos. Meanwhile, John is a self- responsible administrator for this digital media channel and is constantly posting photos of his safaris. From this page, a contact is very possible and has ben used several times, there is often messenger correspondence. 

The plan is to now place Banura Safaris on several websites in order to increase awareness and order levels. 

Inspiring First Successes 

The feedback from previous customers is consistently very good, in terms of business management, there is still close-knit leadership and regular contact.

The project “Banura Safaris” is only a first step to help for self-help and self preservation. But hopefully with this business it will lead to the education of his two children and lead to the hiring of future children.

Strengthening the local economy- sometimes just with the right contacts and tips- or with micro loans, it can create a dignified existence for people. 


Please help John Banura with his dream. For more appeal to the customers the car top need to be removable, a local website created, modern computer equipment purchased and invested in advertising and marketing.  

We have helped John Banura to date with 1500€ in the form of micro loans. with another 2000€ we can finalize his steps into self employment. 


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