The children of Bowa

We offer children in Uganda a perspective.

Tendo Ester (10)

We children of Bowa have no opportunities to go to the doctor. I was able to go to sleep for the first time after receiving treatment for my allergy from Stream of Life.

I would like to help people as a doctor

Danis’ parents can not even give him a primary school education. Please help the children of Bowa.

Do you want to help a child escape poverty? Do you want to give a child a better future?

The school system in Uganda has large gaps. The kids want to go to school, but schools are not everywhere. A way out is offered by boarding schools where the children spend a whole school year at the boarding school.

Even from the small village of Bowa, the nearest school is many hours and tens of kilometers away. We want to support the families in Bowa so that the children can attend school and secure their future.

Poverty as a daily companion

In many regions in and around Kampala children can not go to school. Already at a young age, they support their parents by doing hard field work. As farmers, most families try to take care of themselves, but it is barely enough to survive. The only way out of poverty for these children and their families is education. But schools are often far away. An alternative are boarding schools. These boarding schools are expensive. Impossible for a family to keep up the cost.

Children of Bowa need help

During our project trip in June 2019, we went to a small remote village called Bowa. The village chairman described the difficult everyday life of children who have a dream – one day to attend school regularly.  But attending school is expensive. Every year there are school fees of up to 400 euros. In addition, there are the costs for boarding equipment: a mattress, sheets, comforters, mosquito nets, laundry and hygiene items, school uniforms and of course school supplies.

The everyday life of the children of Bowa is hard.

Their dream: to go to school one day

Everyday life of a boarding school.

In the boarding school, the children are taught and do their homework and go home only during the holidays. They receive a daily hot meal and also medical care. In the evening, school uniforms and possibly also shoes have to be cleaned for the next day. Girls and boys sleep in their own dorm rooms in metal bunk beds that are close together. The children eat mostly outdoors, on the floor, or on the bed. For common areas, tables and armchairs are not available. There is no privacy – there are no closets either. The sparse supplies and possessions are stored in a tin case under the bed. And yet the children are happy that they are allowed to go to school.

​Hooray! We go to school!

We want to enable the children of Bowa and their families to have a self-determined life and thus improve their future sustainable. Education is the only way out of poverty. That is what parents agree on. This is exactly what a boarding school can do. However, families cannot manage to finance the schooling of their children on their own. That’s why we help them to make their dream come true – attending school and getting a chance at a real job.

Education and the opportunity for a lucrative job is the only way out of poverty.

With a sponsorship you give children a future.

“The people of Bowa do not ask for money, food or clothing. The only thing they want for their children is for them to have an education – and thus the chance to escape the bitter poverty and to shape their future. That impressed me.”

Stephanie Langer | Projects, PR

Sponsorships for children and projects

The cost of a place at a boarding school is 45 to 50 euros per month plus up to 150 euros annually for the prescribed initial equipment and school supplies of a child. We are looking for helpful godparents for the children of Bowa. With your child sponsorship you give education to a child at risk and the opportunity for that child to learn a profession. The sponsorships also provide food and medicines. You are welcome to take on a project sponsorship to actively support the village community of Bowa. Please! Help us!