Afrinena Orphanage

Care and support for orphans

Afrinena Children’s Voice

A gospel choir with passion

School education as an opportunity

Give children a future through school and work

Afrinena – a home for abandoned children

Give children security and care

 Our heart project is the support of the Afrinena Orphanage. We want to offer about 80 orphans and poor children a future beyond survival.

Our initial help was securing basic services:

supplying the building with water, electricity and cooking facilities
providing children with food and toiletries
and purchasing beds, mattresses and mosquito nets

Personal commitment and helpfulness

Frank Mwesigwa and his wife Agnes are the dedicated forces behind the Afrinena Orphanage. Out of the need to give orphans a home, Frank has founded the Afrinena Orphanage and takes care of the children with great dedication and love. The orphanage is now a renowned institution in the slums of Kampala. It is well known as a point of contact where help in the context of modest possibilities is gladly given. Frank and Agnes, who are both teachers, especially care about the education of their pupils. From their modest income, they can offer nothing to the children. They and the children are therefore especially dependent on our financial help.

Our sponsorships cause the children’s eyes to light up again

We actively support Frank through arranging child and project sponsorships to provide the children with a permanent home, food and, increasingly, a better quality of life. In addition, school attendance, and thus the assumption of school costs, is an essential part of the support covered by sponsorships. School education is the first step towards a self-determined future and the opportunity to escape the bitter poverty. We gave these children hope and the difference was immediately visible. Children and adolescents became more self-confident and started to shape their own life. The pronounced hunger bellies began to disappear.

The Afrinena Gospel Choir performs traditional Ugandan dances

Afrinena children proudly bring their new colorful armchairs into the house

Sunday dinner at the Afrinena children on donated new furniture

Increase the quality of life

Since the founding of the association in October 2017, we have been able to ensure the basic food supply for all orphans. In the first few months, this could be done mainly through our own financial means and donations from friends and acquaintances.

Since then, we have been able to increase the quality of life of children modestly, but still significantly, by acquiring the most necessary furnishings, hygiene products and, above all, medical care. We are in constant contact with the orphanage manager Frank Mwesigwa and take inventory and photos of the children on site.

Milestones of help

Building on our previous help in securing basic services, we are working to further improve living conditions. A new house with more space, better sanitary facilities and healthy living conditions was rented.

Our next big goal is to substantially improve the living and training situation of the children through the purchase of land, construction of a new home for the orphans, daycare for the needy children of the slums, and construction of a school building.


Education is the only chance for children to escape poverty and school attendance is often the only chance for
a warm meal.


We have already succeeded in creating better living conditions for the orphans by renting a new house!

However, the child sponsorship does not cover the maintenance and operation of the orphanage. We are urgently looking for donors to help us cover the monthly costs of around €1,500.

The next step is to sustainably improve the living situation of the children by purchasing a piece of land and building an orphanage. The costs for this amount to around € 50,000 – € 75,000.

Let us together make the dream of these children come true for a home in security and love.

Please help us!