Newday Academy

An ambitious school project
for a better future in your country

School as an opportunity

Communicating responsibility through education

Responsibility for the future

Children learn that they can shape the future

The Newday School Center is an ambitious school project that aims to provide children with good schooling and responsibility for the future.

Children should develop a strong sense of self and a strong sense of responsibility that goes beyond reading and writing.
This principle is very important to Stream of Life. Only with this social competence can children take the responsibility to actively shape their future and the future of their community. 

An ambitious school project

Together with Joshua Magezi and his wife Lilian, we started the Newday Academy project. It is planned to expand this project to a school center with a kindergarten/pre-school, primary and secondary school. In this way, we want to provide young people with a comprehensive and sustainable education.

Opportunity for a new generation

Good education is more than reading, writing and learning the English language. We also want to strengthen children’s social and practical skills to enable them to lead a self-determined and independent life. This includes structuring their everyday lives, managing tasks independently and conveying a sense of duty.


Newday kindergarten, an ideal starting point

With the Newday Kindergarten Joshua has already built a successful preschool that enjoys a good reputation in the area. Families who live further away also send their children here with the Newday Shuttle Bus. The joy of learning and the families’ awareness of how important education is for the future shape everyday school life. We want to create a learning environment in which they feel comfortable and secure. That is why we have set high standards regarding equipment and hygiene.

Newday Primary School – Step by step to more education

Newday Primary School has opened its doors since January 2022. School operations have started for grades (P1 – P7) and the expansion of additional classes, as well as the necessary outbuildings and infrastructure, is in progress. In the future, the Newday Kindergarten will also be located on the school grounds. The proceeds from the sale of the old site will later be used for the new school and will be used, among other things, for the expansion of the Newday Academy.

“The children are the chance to change the future of our home in a sustainable way. Our children have to learn that it is they who hold this change in their hands.”

Joshua Magezi | Co-operation partner Stream of Life

Success factor: competent local partners

Joshua Magezi graduated from the Uganda Management Institute (UMI) with a Diploma in Human Resource Management. He has gained his professional experience above all in the construction and operation of schools. His structured way of working and his entrepreneurial thinking make him an ideal partner of Stream of Life.

His wife Lillian holds a Finance Degree from the renowned Makerere University (MAK) and handles all financial matters in Newday. In addition, she actively participates in the school organization.

Stage plan for investments

Through the phased expansion of the school, Stream of Life will be able to schedule and make the necessary investments, step by step. Following the successful implementation and commissioning of the school, the infrastructure is now to grow in parallel – depending on financial resources – with the school offerings.

The plan is to expand further school levels and the boarding school, complete community and sanitary facilities and design the outdoor area.


We have already succeeded in opening the school ceremonially and the first children are already eagerly attending the classes.

The school is being expanded in phases and includes classes, boarding rooms and the necessary infrastructure. The constantly growing number of students makes it necessary to purchase a larger school bus.

That is why we are still looking for generous donors who, with their financial support, will lay the foundation for an independent new generation.

Let us help to realize the dream of these children and their families of a better future in their own country.

Please support us!