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to enable help for schools, training centers
as well as help for self-help

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Enable long-term goals and predictability
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Become a project sponsor and give perspective.

By taking on a project sponsorship, you enable long-term and sustainable support for a project.
This can help many children equally and a whole community can benefit.

Our goal is always to have a positive and lasting influence on the quality of life of as many children as possible by improving their social environment.

Our investments flow into the improvement of the living situation, the hygienic framework conditions, in pure water and electricity, school construction and support through microcredits and workshops. With a sponsorship, you are part of our community with the aim of positively changing the lives of many people.

Project sponsorship means for you:

The possibility to support whole COMMUNITIES in the long term.
To positively influence the FUTURE of many people as part of a bigger whole.
The security of doing something SUSTAINABLE for many people.

Project sponsorship means for a community:

SUSTAINABILITY and long-term support for many people.
FUTURE PERSPECTIVE and predictability.
Permanent support and more STABILITY.

Possible project sponsorships

Stream of Life is all about sustainable and comprehensive development. The focus of our projects varies depending on the region and needs. There are many ways to help and include for instance the construction of school buildings and training centers, helping people to help themselves in the form of workshops and microcredits, as well as rebuilding important infrastructure after environmental disasters. Our trained and experienced cooperation partners on site are an important success factor.

Afrinena Children's Voice


The orphanage of Frank Mwesigwa and his wife Agnes is in the slums of Kampala. It has now established itself as a social institution and has become an important point of contact for many families. There the children get food, care and help with managing their school fees through sponsorships

For children, education is the only way out of poverty. It is therefore our goal to sustainably improve their living and education situation.

Newday Academy – school center

Wakiso District

The Newday Academy project focuses on education as one of the most important factors in sustainable development and support. Together with our cooperation partner Joshua Magezi we are working on the gradual expansion of a school center with kindergarten / preschool, primary and secondary school.

The construction of the school does not only benefit the children, but also contributes significantly to the economic upgrading of the Wakiso District in which it is being built.

Bubembe Island Kids – Sustainable living

Bubembe Island, Ssese Inseln

Together with our cooperation partner Bbanga Project we want to create better living conditions on Bubembe Island, an island in Lake Victoria. The focus is on sustainability, education and long-term help for self-help.

In a first step, a school garden was created and interim dormitories for boarders were set up. In the future, the infrastructure is to be further renovated and expanded, with the vision of an eco-village in mind.

Rafiki – Defining Destiny


This project is all about the sustainable support of girls and women for the long-term improvement of their living conditions in Uganda. There is a lack of equal opportunities, especially in rural areas.

By means of various individual projects and educational work, we want to contribute to the permanent improvement of the living conditions of girls and women.

Ssese Islands Food Gardens

Ssese Islands

In close cooperation with the local community and our cooperation partner Bbanga Project, we want to contribute to a secure livelihood through local agriculture on the Ssese Islands.

Through small school and community gardens in combination with workshops and training courses, we aim to secure the livelihood of the local population in the long term and help them to help themselves.



Our success stories

Transparency and openness are essential components of our association. Our success stories give an insight into how and where donations have been used successfully and have sustainably improved the living conditions of the children and families on site.

Training sponsorship – Alex becomes a plumber

Alex is one of our protégés and a very talented footballer too. In the future, he would like to work as a plumber to improve the hygienic conditions in the slums of Kampala through better toilets and water connections. Thanks to the adesso company taking over his training sponsorship, he is now a little closer to his dream career, can devote himself to his training and thus contribute to a more livable future in his community.

Newday Academy – school opening & expansion

At the beginning of 2022 we were able to officially open the school. The Newday Academy now includes 7 school levels (P1 – P7) and students are already enjoying the lessons. The school also has a sports field, which the kids really like to use. The gradual expansion of the school complex is very important to us and is constantly being pushed forward.

Project Rafiki – Mama Ddamba’s fish booth

As part of our Rafiki project, we support women and their families on their path to independence and in building a sustainable livelihood. We also supported Mama Ddamba with a microcredit. As a result, she was able to start her fish booth and has since been running it successfully and obviously with great joy.

Newday Academy – Eco Club

Sustainability and environmental protection are not just the focus of our NGO’s work. The Newday Academy also places particular emphasis on supporting a responsible next generation. The Newday Eco-Club is therefore all about a more livable future for everyone. There are lectures and activities on the topics of recycling and the use of regional products. And in the future, a school garden is being planned, which will be run jointly by the students.

David – the first Stream of Life student

David comes from the slums of Kampala and is one of our Afrinena orphans. We have been able to accompany David since the beginning of our NGO’s work. We are therefore very pleased that he was able to complete secondary school extremely successfully and apply for a spot to study civil engineering. He is now one of around 40 selected students who are allowed to complete their studies at Kyambogo University (KYU). This not only increases David’s future job opportunities, but also motivates the other Afrinena orphans immensely. For them, David is living proof that even an orphan can study at university, thanks to a sponsorship.

Empowerment across borders

Mama Martha had a very hard time during the pandemic. Due to the lockdown, she had to close her hair salon and soon was no longer able to pay the rent for her home. The single mother was threatened with homelessness. Thanks to a successful fundraising campaign, we were able to pay the rent arrears and sponsor her children. The start-up capital for the reopening of her salon came from the Viennese company “Dejan – der Friseur”. Dejan had collected donations for Mama Martha in his salon and supplemented them with the missing amount.

“Through long-term investments, we aim to sustainably improve the living conditions of local children and families. Because a promising future with prospects is based on security and stability.”

Marco Villard | Deputy chairwoman

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