Bubembe Island Kids

Sustainable Living and Learning
on the Ssese Islands

With the involvement of the local community, a hands-on mentality, and an ecologically sustainable approach, we want to bring about a long-term improvement in living conditions on Bubembe Island.

After the successful completion of our projects on Banda and Bugaba Island, we are now together with our partner organization Bbanga Project, moving to Bubembe Island, another Ssese Island in Lake Victoria with an urgent need for action on its way to a sustainable and environmentally friendly everyday life.

A school with potential

The starting point for our new project is the Lwabaswa Primary School on Bubembe Island. The director of the school approached us with a request for help. The school building needs renovation, and the boarding school needs to be expanded. Lessons continue despite the adverse conditions, and the first steps have already been taken to ensure better care for the school children in the future.

First measures

In a first step, a school garden was created. Bananas, sweet potatoes, and pineapples are now growing there to be able to ensure a healthier and more sustainable diet for the school children in the future. In addition, interim sleeping quarters were set up for the boarding students. During this, the rooms were cleaned, the walls painted, and new beds bought to make the existing building livable.

Refurbishment and expansion

In addition to the renovation of the school building, the expansion of a boarding school and the construction of a residential home for orphaned children and single mothers are also planned. This should give as many children as possible access to school and thus the chance for a better future.

The Eco Village Vision

In the long term, we are pursuing the creation of an eco-village that focuses on holistic solutions for people, animals, nature and the environment and that aims to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible. The measures for this include solar, compost and water treatment systems and are intended to create a self-sufficient community in the future.

Local partner organization

Our partner organization Bbanga Project has been doing successful work on the Ssese Islands for years, the team works tirelessly to make a positive impact and improve the living conditions of the islanders in the long term. The successfully completed projects on Banda and Bugaba Island are examples of how to improve living conditions on the Ssese Islands and at the same time showcase projects for our vision on Bubembe Island.

Planned investments

With our step-by-step plan, necessary investments can be scheduled and made step by step depending on the available financial resources. Important milestones of the project are the refurbishment of the school and the expansion of the residential units and sanitary facilities. The measures include furnishings, as well as a solar system and a water treatment unit.


We have already succeeded in setting up temporary sleeping quarters and creating a school garden, as well as completing the renovation of the school building’s windows.

The next step is the further renovation of the school buildings and the expansion of a boarding school. The costs for this amount to around € 25,000. We are still looking for generous donors who want to use their financial support to promote an environment for sustainable development and growth for future generations.

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