Relocation of Firefly Camp on Bugaba Island

Relocation of Firefly Camp on Bugaba Island

Firefly Camp has teamed up with Emily’s orphanage and farm and moved to Bugaba lsland!

Why did Andrew leave Banda Island?

The owner of the island died unexpectedly and his seven children inherited the island. As a result, for Firefly Camp, higher rental costs were expected. In addition, Andrew had successfully completed the planned projects, such as the ecological drinking water and toilet system and the construction of the school here anyway. The elementary school on Banda now runs under the guidance of a trained successor. Teacher’s salaries and school materials will continue to be provided by Firefly to ensure that all children on Banda can continue to attend school.

The move to Bugaba is a logical next step in his mission to have a positive impact not just on one island but on many islands.  

Why did he move to Bugaba?

Since the beginning of Firefly Uganda, he has been making regular trips to Bugaba Island to visit Emily and the orphans and is fortunate enough to have found a great friend in Emily. It was very impressive for him to see how much Emily has achieved here, without support from abroad. And at the same time, it was shocking to see in what circumstances the children live.


It is great to work together with people who have already shown great initiative to improve their situation and that of their local children.

Who exactly is Emily? Let us introduce Emily and the orphanage

Emily is a Ugandan woman whose family has long owned land on Bugaba. She grew up in Kampala and realized early on that there are more and more homeless children. She took more and more into her home and then made the decision that a life on the island would be easier. Now she lives together with 30 orphans, who are between one and twenty years old, here on Bugaba. Everyone sees themselves as one big family, calling themselves brothers and sisters and calling Emily their “Mamma”. Together they plant rice, pineapples, potatoes, sweet potatoes, plantains and much more to feed themselves. Whatever is left over, is sold and from the money things like clothes and hygiene articles are bought.


All children sleep together on some mattresses and straw in a common room.


And although everything is so easy here, or maybe because of that, you quickly realize that the orphanage is primarily a loving home.

What does Firefly want to achieve on Bugaba?

The priorities for the near future are a decent school building with three classrooms, the drinking water supply, and the construction of a workshop and an Arts and Crafts Center to give the older orphans an option for further education. In addition, Firefly will cover all running costs of the school and will ensure that all children from the orphanage and surrounding villages (Namirembe and Nakawa) can go to school. 

The orphanage is to become a showcase project for how such an institution can exist independently and completely environmentally friendly.