Newday Academy

Education for a future in their homeland –
a partnership with  Joshua Magezi

Many children have little chance of education, unless there is help from outside. These children are very important to me. 

I got to know Joshua Magezi in the summer of 2017 while attending the Full of Joy Junior Academy where my foster child Owen is attending school. In Uganda, Joshua has literally raised the Newday out of the ground and is thus very successful. As we share the same educational goals for children, it was a logical step to support this project as part of Stream of Life.

A personal note from Monika Koczi | Founder of Stream of Life

Success Factor: Competent partners on site 

Joshua immediately attracted my attention by his polite manner, structured approach, and entrepreneurial thinking, and it turned out that he graduated from the Uganda Management Institute (UMI) with a Human Resource Management diploma, and shared most of his professional experience the construction and operation of schools.  

Children are the chance for a future 

Due to his education, experience and initiative, Joshua is an excellent project partner for our school projects. “The children are the chance to change the future of our home in a sustainable way,” he says, and wants these children to understand that they are the ones who hold his change in their hands. We would like to help him and the children to follow this path. 

Newday Kindergarten

We were really surprised when we were invited by Joshua to visit his “Newday” kindergarten during our trip in the summer of 2018. Joshua started the project with his own funds and the standard, which he set there hygienic as well as in terms of education and external appearance, convinced us. The children look well-groomed, the preschool is clean and the toilets smell fresh. 

Visiting the Classrooms

We visited the classes because the children start learning how to read and write in English and the age of three. The joy of learning was noticeable and the teachers seemed educated and motivated. One focus is on the world and learning through understanding. The kids were having fun and that was the most important thing.  

“These children are the chance to make a lasting change in future of our homeland. Ou children have to learn that it is they who are in charge of this change.”

Joshua Magezi

Goals for the Newday Academy 

  • Expansion of the Newday Kindergarten
  • Purchase of a school bus
  • Purchases of an adjacent property
  • Construction of a school building
  • Construction of a boarding school/ dormitory for the students
  • Construction of accommodations for volunteers and exchange students
  • Educational programs for teachers

Help for Self Help 

The profits or the school are dedicated to the underprivileged students. It is envisioned that on a 3:1 ratio. Paying students will offset costs for students who are not able to pay. 


The expansion of the Newday Kindergarten is the next step. It will require about 5,000 Euros for the completion and then an additional  8,000 for a bus. 


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