How it began…

On a mission trip to Uganda in the summer of 2017 to complete a school build, I visited among other things the slums of Kampala. 

Between the crumbled and corrugated iron huts without water and electricity I made my way to  blue house with a small terrace on which many children gathered. 

They drummed african beats and sang and danced wonderful gospel songs. It was a colorful, heartwarming sight to see these kids so happy. 

I watched the group for a while before being invited inside.

It turned out that these children singing were orphans and Frank the children’s foster parent, taught them these songs because it was the only way to earn a little money to survive.

I asked Frank if I would be able to look around the home, and he leads me around. What I saw shocked me to my core. 

Rooms with steel beds, some without mattresses. Drab and damp. A kitchen whose equipment consisted of a bucket and fire pit. A storage room with nothing in it but a single bean bag. Outside, a single ‘toilet’ for 25-50 children. If you could call such a 1×1 meter iron ruin with a biting stink such a thing.  

I asked Frank how he could afford to feed the children. He smiles at me and says, “It is difficult, but I do my best.” One can see from the puffed out bellies of the children and their empty eyes that it is far from sufficient.  

The electricity and the water were already turned off, as the monthly bill could not be paid. 

The children stood in circles, hand in hand. Singing new songs over and over. IT moved me so deeply that tears ran down my face. At that moment I knew something had to happen, my decision was clear: I had to help!

Back in Austria in September of 2017 I put my plan into action and, together with my partner we founded ‘Stream of Life’. 

Now at the beginning of 2018 the organization has experienced energetic growth with the help of two wonderful women and friends who fight selflessly and passionately for the cause and whom hold the child as near and dear to them as I do.