Afrinena – Children Voice: Orphanages with a Future Gospel Choir with passion.


The situation in the home has improved greatly since our last visit. Through donations, sales and fundraisers we have raised enough money to provide the children with enough food for the year and with more beds and mattresses. Thanks to the commitment of Sigrid Reymaier, sponsors have already been found for over 50 children.

We are now searching for semi detached homes so that there can be separate dorms for the boys and girls. For this and for the annual rent further financial support is required.

Stream of Life also wants so support young people’s career plans and help jump start them so that they can fulfill their dreams. For example they may want to open a small business or acquire a small piece of land. We visited all the schools oft he Afrinena children and discussed together with school management and teachers how best to support the children in the future. The aim of Stream of Life is to help educate local communities by creating a middle class in Uganda that can positively influence and change their country in the long term. In doing so, we take a keen interest in ecology and sustainability.