Project Bugaba Island Kids successfully completed

Project Bugaba Island Kids successfully completed

A report by Stephanie Langer.

Bugaba Island – Ssese Island in Lake Victoria

When our cooperation partner Andrew Smith moved his camp from Banda Island to the neighboring island Bugaba Island in 2019, the existing infrastructure was very poor. At the end of the year, severe storms and floods had affected Bugaba Island and severely damaged it. Conditions were alarming and urgent action was needed.

Milestones in the reconstruction included the provision of basic services, the construction of sanitary facilities, the construction of a drinking water treatment plant and a kitchen building, the renovation of the residential building and the construction of a school building.


In close cooperation with Firefly Uganda and the local community, we have now reached the final milestone of the joint project on Bugaba Island. The island’s only elementary school has now been completed, thanks to Andrew Smith’s tireless efforts. The children no longer have to be taught outdoors and the rainy weather does not interfere with school life.

Andrew’s mission is to achieve a significant improvement in living conditions and education on as many islands as possible. It is also important to him to support the local communities on their way to a sustainable and environmentally friendly everyday life.

Moving to Lwabaswa on Bubembe Island

For Andrew, it’s time to go to new shores. The director of Lwabaswa Primary School on Bubembe Island has already contacted and asked for support. Bubembe is one of the 84 Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria.

As a first step, the existing school building is to be renovated. As soon as the funds are available, Andrew will pitch his tents on Bubembe right on the spot. The phased plan for our new, future project includes the renovation of the school building, the expansion of the boarding school and, subsequently, the construction of a dormitory for parentless children and single mothers. In the long term, the implementation of a sustainable and environmentally friendly, self-sufficient eco-village is planned. The phased plan allows necessary investments to be planned and implemented gradually.

With another project, we are looking forward to sustainably improving living conditions on the Ssese Islands and enabling a better future for the future generation.