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With a 30 euro monthly donation a child can:

  • Attend school and learn employment skills
  • Be given nutritious meals 
  • Receive medical care 
  • Have a loving and safe home

Emmanuel (6)

My father left us. My mother can just feed me and
my two siblings on her meager income.
I would love to go to school and learn.

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Success story Sponsorship

Proud Afrinena kids going to Masajja High School


Become a sponsor and give a child in Uganda Hope. 

Our goal is to directly and sustainably influence the quality of life of children, by improving their socio-economic environment. We promote the building of schools,   day cares, clinics and other facilities that improve the lives of underprivileged children in Uganda. 

We concentrate our resources primarily on the most desperate of cases –  mostly orphaned or abandoned children. 

Through sound education and training, a sound diet, access to medical care and of course the love of a family we create the conditions for self-confidence and growth and allow for the opportunity for an entire nation to change.  

What sponsorship means for you:

TRANSPARENCY and a personal relationship with your chosen child!
To experience the growth and DEVELOPMENT of a child first hand.
The security of doing something MEANINGFUL for a child.

What sponsorship means for a child:

A LIFE  with more friends, hope and love.
A LIFE  with a future and prospects.
A LIFE  in which they are no longer alone.


Our Godchildren 

These children have individual dreams –  and often no possibility of achieving them.
Stream of Life wants to help! Contribute with a 30 euro per month sponsorship.

Emmanuel was born in 2013. Left by his father, he is the oldest of three children. His mother is a single parent. She is working but the income is just enough to rent the little hut and provide a little food for her family of four.

She can not afford school fees for her children. The children spend the days in the slums and have no chance to escape poverty. For Emmanuel, the eldest, it would be something special to find a godmother or godparent.

Christabell was born in 2008. Her father had an accident and is bedridden. He is cared for by Christabell’s grandmother. Her mother has no work and does not care about the family.

Christabell did not want to continue living in poverty and decided to start somewhere alone. She wants, like so many children in the slums, only one thing: to go to school. But she has no one to help her.

Nalugoye was born in 2011. She is a needy girl. She still has both parents but lives alone with her mother. Her father is looking for another woman without children.

Nalugoye was expelled from school for financial reasons. She wants to go back to school. Her friends are there and she gets two hot meals daily. Nalugoye would be in Primary grade 2 in the next school year.

John Paul was born in 2008. His father disappeared when he was in kindergarten. His mother is employed as a cook in a school. She has two more children and brings them to work with her. Unfortunately she earns so little that she is not able to care for all three children. She sent John Paul to live with his grandmother but he spends most of his time on the street.

He is very communicative and would like to go to school. He wants to become a teacher. The Country needs teachers with a good education. Without an education, he will probably stay on the streets and his future is hopeless.

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