Help me for only 1 Euro per Day!

With a 30 euro monthly donation a child can:


  • Attend school and learn employment skills
  • Be given nutritious meals 
  • Receive medical care 
  • Have a loving and safe home

Become a sponsor and give a child in Uganda Hope. 

Our goal is to directly and sustainably influence the quality of life of children, by improving their soci-economic environment. We promote the building of schools,   day cares, clinics and other facilities that improve the lives of underprivileged children in Uganda. 

We concentrate our resources primarily on the most desperate of cases –  mostly orphaned or abandoned children. 

Through sound education and training, a sound diet, access to medical care and of course the love of a family we create the conditions for self-confidence and growth and allow for the opportunity for an entire nation to change.  

What sponsorship means for you:

TRANSPARENCY and a personal relationship with your chosen child! 
To experience the growth and DEVELOPMENT of a child first hand.
The security of doing something MEANINGFUL for a child. 

What sponsorship means for a child:

A LIFE  with more friends, hope and love.
A LIFE  with a future and prospects. 
A LIFE  in which they are no longer alone. 

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Our Sponsored Children 

These children have individual dreams –  and often no possibility of achieving them. 
Stream of Life wants to help! Contribute with a 30 euro per month sponsorship.  

Gabdrel Goobi was born on the 8th of April 1996. Gabdrel is old enough to start post secondary school immediately. When he was younger his father had enough money to send him to school. But his father after having several wives lost his job an now has an alcohol addiction. With no where to go Gabdrel took to the streets.

His Grandmother then brought him to Afrinena Children‘s Voice because she was worried about him going astray and she hoped he would be able to start studying. Gabdrel is humble and very intelligent he also is  helpful around the orphanage.

If he had someone to help secure his education and living for the next few years he would be able to realize his dreams of studying computer science and information technology. 

Vian Mulindwa  was born on March 11th, 1999. Vian is an orphan. He has never met his father and his mother died a long time ago. Vian has an amazing voice and would like to graduate from music school. 

Frank recorded him singing with  Afrinena Children’s Voice. If someone takes over his sponsorship and helps him realize his dream he wants to make a difference with his income. He is very ambitious and hopes to be a music producer.  

Thank you for helping us!

How to become a sponsor:: After submitting the form, we will contact you personally to give you more information about your sponsored child and to complete the process.

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